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In 2016, Rolex updated one of the most iconic watches, the Explorer 1 39 mm, by improving some small details that collectors complained about. Surprising, but Rolex replica really listens to them and ensures that juvenile errors are corrected. This year, for Baselworld 2018, the same thing happens with the gigantic Deepsea and the crown has made a few updates to keep the model up to date with expectations. Meet the 2018 replica Rolex Deepsea Ref. 126660.

for 2018, Rolex replica their "Beast" - releasing the Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller Reference 126660 replica with a nice little refresh. It contains some aesthetic updates, which you can easily miss if you are not familiar with the model, and their recent 3235 movements were seen in the popular black 'Cyclops' Sea-Dweller last year (which caused a polarizing break in the space-sea continuum). It seems Rolex's replica strategy with the ref. 126660 was more in line with accepting suggestions from collectors, and creating a modern refreshment that stays as close as possible to the original. We will quickly review what those changes are and how they affect the overall product line.

The Sea Dweller has several features that distinguish it from other Rolex watches replica. One of these distinguishing features is the date window. Although most Rolex watches replica has a Cyclops in the date window to enlarge the date 2.5x, the Sea Dweller does not have these Cyclops and many people prefer this cleaner appearance. Also, most Sea-Dweller models (with the exception of some of the earliest models) have a helium outlet valve, allowing the watch to reach deep underwater depths. The watch can reach a depth of 4,000 feet in comparison with the Submariner replica, which can only reach depths of 1000 feet. The helium outlet valve allows helium molecules to escape from the housing when the diver decompresses, thus preventing pressure build-up in the housing, causing the crystal to blow off the watch. Like the Submariner, the Sea-Dweller replica also has a unidirectional rotating ring that allows the diver to measure the amount of time spent underwater.

Not satisfied with simply updating the Deepsea to their newest and best movement, fake Rolex has also redesigned the cams and associated wristband to ensure better integration with both the housing and an updated Oysterlock buckle assembly. With both Fliplock (Rolex's wetsuit extension) and Glidelock (their sliding in-lock extension system), this replica bracelet has wider middle joints and a wider footprint.

Titanium bag with Ring Lock system, unidirectional, rotatable time-lapse ceramic ring (44 mm), inner reflector ring engraved with a serial number

Given that I could not try the bracelet with the size for my wrist, the result of these tweaks for me completely feels like a background. That said, I would be interested to hear feedback from Deepsea owners or to experience both versions side by side on my own wrist. Although the Deepsea does not have the almost universal appeal of the Deepsea or even the Submariner replica, it is difficult to argue that it is a weighty and shining example of Rolex's incredible approach to technical replica watch design.

Furthermore, the movement goes through the careful certification process of Rolex. In 2015, Rolex, dissatisfied with the current certification process, refined a separate and more careful certification method. This includes not only the COSC certification for the movement itself but further testing with the movement within the watch. The Caliber 3235 mounted in the new Deepsea has gone through the re-fabricated certification process under these strict guidelines. This means that the watch runs +2 seconds per day and offers a 5-year warranty - an extra sense of value and quality for buyers.


Automatic 3235 Movement, Quickset, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, waterproof screw-fastened crown, water resistant up to 12.800ft (3.900 m), helium valve

Recently Rolex replica their Deepsea Sea-Dweller via ref. 126660, equipped with the brand's latest caliber 3235 perpetual motion, new cams, and a new style bracelet to better accommodate the Oysterlock closure and the tool-free Glidelock system. The movement now has a power reserve of 70 hours, a Chronergy escapement and an accuracy of -2 / + 2 seconds per day, with which it is aware of the brand's latest generation of sports watches. The Deepsea is equipped with a sturdy back, a Triplock screwed crown with three sealed zones, a thicker sapphire glass without Cyclops lens and an innovative Helium escape valve (HEV) on the 9-hour markings for the ultimate in water resistance. As a diver, the used Rolex 126660 also has a unidirectional edge for safe reading and a clearly visible Chromalight display on the dial.

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